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List of songs as of January 2020

Oldham Songsheet July 2021

Shenstone Songsheet May 2022 PDF

‘L Hurrya Jaya (Freedom is Coming)

‘L Hurriya Jaya (Gooogledocs)
Score page 1
Score page 2

Score p1 (Googledocs)

Score p2 (Googledocs)
Structure notes:

We will sing 1 Arabic verse only
1 start with “Freedom”
2 then “‘l Hurriya Jaya” 3 “Justice”
4 “Power”

1 Call – sop x1
2 S x1 +Response A, T, B X2
3 “Oh yes I know” x2
n.b. for Arabic response, Tenors sing ana arif where they would usually sing oh yes i know

San Ghanny video
Ahlamo al Wattan – Dreams of Home

Ahlamo al Wattan – Dreams of Home (Googledocs)
Full Score Amended 130919

Full Score Amended 130919 (Googledocs)
1. All
2. Amended sound file 5.10.19

1. All (Googledocs)
2. Amended sound file 5.10.19

Sop (Googledocs)
1. Alto
2. Amended sound file 5.10.19

1. Alto

2. Amended sound file 5.10.19

Tenor (Googledocs)

Bass (Googledocs)
Amended score added 13.09.19
Amended sound files added 5.10.19 to reflect Alto second part

Structure notes:
1 Dum ba da da x1 round (first 8 bars) as intro before Sops come in
2 A&T 4x Hajja etc before back to ba da da (bar 65)
Ain’t Gonna Let NobodyScore page 1
Score page 2

Live recording 06032020
High backingMiddle backingLow backingTadhamon Singers rehearsal video

Structure notes:
1 Tune – ALL in unison
2 3 part harmony
3 Tune & 3 part harmony
4 Bass line – ALL in unison
5 Bass line plus 3 part harmony & tune

timing – 5 ‘Keep on’s before ‘to the freedom land’

“Keep on”s start quiet and get louder
All Around My SpiritScoreSound files in Protest in Harmony website

Structure notes:
1 All – Unison with tune verse 1
2 verses 2 & 3 (speak my truth and sing my song) in harmony

* remember we are singing “til the wall comes down” and NOT “til the walls come down”

Janet singing alto
Asalaam AleykumScore
Score with notations
Score with notations

Structure notes:
1 All sing
2 Soprano & Alto
3 Tenor
4 Bass
5 All x1
6 English x 2 (walking around)
7 Arabic x as many as appropriate
Janet singing Bass
Baby 1,2,3You tube link
Baktub Ismik Ya B’ladi
Amended words

Live recording 06032020
Penny Stone article
Pronunciation notes:
following discussion 3rd Nov
Baktub Ismik ya B’ladi…..
ala hobbik ma fe Habib

Structure Notes:
1 Na na na x1 ALL
2 Baktub x2
3 Na na na x2
4 Falastine T&B&S x2
5 plus Altos Falastine x2
BDS MedleyAll
Bella Ciao for Palestine
Don’t Buy Dates (Boycott Song) Original wordsNew Score January 20202Revised words for Palestine
Elbit Medley
Every Mountain Pathooo part

High Echo tune


Bottomaaahhh partDawish Poem

Structure notes:
Everything is in 2s!
1 part 1&2 x2 (low part & lament)
2 add part 3 x2 (high)
3 add part 4 (tune) x1
4 Echo comes in on 2nd time of tune x2
5 change to second section All in from beginning “And every song…” x2
6 back to “Every mountain path…” ALL parts x2
7 Final “every mountain path” – Tune and Echo only, and fade out
Freedom is comingScore page 1
Score page 2
Structure notes:

We will sing 1 Arabic verse only
1 start with “Freedom”
2 then “‘l Hurriya Jaya” 3 “Justice”
4 “Power”

1 Call – sop x1
2 S x1 +Response A, T, B X2
3 “Oh yes I know” x2
n.b. for Arabic response, Tenors sing ana arif where they would usually sing oh yes i know

San Ghanny video
Homes Torn DownJanet’s audio file
I’m Buying Palestinian
I Stand With You (Tadhamon Version)New Score Feb 2020


Live recording 06032020
SopAltoTenorBassStructure notes:
1 Hu hu hu for 1 bar before Verse 1,
2 Chorus
3 Verse 2,
4 Chorus
5 Tadhamon x4
5 Chorus
6 Arabic chant x2
Aqqiffo ma’ak x2
Haqqoka haqqee
Annta rafeeqee
7 Finish with ‘Your fight is our fight too, we stand with you’ with gestures (hand on heart for we, open arms for stand with you)

Janet singing bass with Carolyn
JCB MedleyAll parts
Justice for Palestine
Lamaa Bada Yatathanaa
Ma’a al Salama
New Score Feb 2020


All – new pronunciation March 2020

Live recording 06032020
Structure notes:
1 All first line – first 4 bars (tenor line on score)
2 T continue add S&A harmony
3 add Drone Bass
4 Shukran Yislamu – S x2 – 2nd time Sops only, other parts drop out then add ‘steps’ A T & B
5 back to Ma’a al Salama
6 Shukran Yislamu in harmony all parts at the same time

suggestion we could fade outend with waving….
Never Turning BackNew score Feb 2020


Amended Score 5.10.19

New soundfile with beat June2021

New soundfile no beat June 2021

TopTuneBottomRecording of Judy Small
Great March of Return Arabic ending

Pronunciation of Arabic ending

Structure notes:
n.b. we are only singing 4 verses 1 walking forward, 2 singing loudly, 3 stand with you together, 4 walking forward (again)
1 ALL sing first line of each verse with tune
2 Altos sing tune, other parts in harmony
3 Last verse “Stand with you together” then
4 repeat FIRST verse
5 then ALL Great March ending x2
5 then ALL sing “Never turning back” with harmonies

*dynamics – first line all sing, second line quieter, 3rd line more intensely, Never turning back – first time more loud/intense, second time softer, like an echo.

Arabic words – we changed the speed of Maseerat to double speed so instead of Maaseeeraaat it is more like Maseerat (probably needs to be demonstrated if you weren’t there!….)
One Day
Only Justice and Equality Can Bring PeaceScore
Score for final Verse
Soundfile all parts October 21
Shut Elbit DownAll

Live recording 06032020
Note from Janet:
I’ve used an option on my notation program to hide empty staves – i.e. when a part isn’t singing along a full line of music you won’t see it – to cut down on paper. So for example tenors, at bar 23 you won’t see your part until bar 29 when you come in again. You may like to highlight your parts to make it clear.

Structure Notes:
1 All sing Alto x1
2 add Sop x1
3 add Tenor x1
4 Bass only x1 cycle (i.e. the word Tadhamun x8)
5 All repeat with extra ‘Tadhamun’
5 Nahnu… Alto x1 over Bass, then A+Sx1, then A+S+T x1, then ALLx1
(i.e. 4x in all)
6 We Sing…ALLx2 (Alto start)
7 Nahnu…ALL (x2 OR as many times as Janet says)
8 ALL say “Tadhamun!” at end
This Is Home

Arabic Translation
ScoreLive recording 06032020Natural Voice Network file Soundfile 3 parts
TED Talk Sophia Efthimiou teaching song
Arabic soundfile from Shahd
Structure notes:
Start with Arabic, build up parts
1 Alto tune first 2 lines
2 Add Sops next 2 lines
3 This was changed on 02/02/2020 Add Tenor & Bass next 4 lines

4English – all together in harmony
6 Humming
7 Arabic (quiet)
Throw Catch JikelezaScoreVideo
Two weeksSopAltoTenor
We Shall Overcome Score All Middle Low Structure notes:
1 We shall overcome – in unison
We shall overcome with harmonies
3 Arabic words with harmonies
4 We’ll walk hand in hand
5 We shall live in peace
6 We are not afraid n.b. second line is “we are not afraid Today, Not any day”
7 The whole wide world around
We Teach Life SirScoreAll

Live recording 06032020
Structure notes:
1 Bass (Carolyn, Val, Janet) x2
2 Tenor (Chris, Celia, Heather)
3 Alto (Diane, Hils, Jan, Leni)
4 Sop (June, Jill, Hilary, Helen, Lizzie)
5 All Quiet
6 All More intense, with major chord end

We decided to “act” this a bit so sang as if we were addressing an interviewer (see the link to the video of the poem above) so initially within each part and then finally to an empty chair in the middle representing the interviewer.

When the Sun Rises
ScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassStructure as words doc
Yalla AwlehdScoreAllStructure notes:
1 All sing alto line
2 A&S
3 A, S & T
4 AST & drones

Carolyn & Janet singing drones
ZourouniLive recording 06032020Video Sheffield Socialist Choir
Lyrics with dots

Structure notes:
Exactly as in video above

1 Dum Tak x2 ALL
2 Add Zourouni chorus x1 unison
3 Add Chant x2
4 Verse x1 unison
5 Zourouni x1 harmony
6 Verse x1 harmony
7 Zourouni x1 harmony
8 Chant x2
9 Dumtak x1….Dum

Janet singing descant