Current Repertoire

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Below are the lyrics, scores and sound files for our current songs.

To open a file – click on the link in the table. It should open in Dropbox.

To download – open the file, click on the download button in the top right hand corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select download direct.

You do not need to sign in to Dropbox to be able to open or download these files.

Act As If It Were Possible                
Cry Heart                
Hope             Commoners Choir live video  
In the Dark Times Score All parts         Live recording  
Keeping Faith             Video – Gitika Partington  
Panic Score              
Poverty Knock (new)            

Tom Daniel Original Lyrics 

Chumbawamba version

Traditional plus background

Rebel Voices                
Somewhere on Sea   All Sop Alto Tenor Bass Sheffield Socialist Choir – Sala Dolores  
Song of Peace (Finlandia) Score              
Voice of the People                
We’re Standing Here Score All Sop Alto Tenor Bas Live Choir performance – Helen Yeomans  
We Shall Overcome   All   Middle Low      
Which Side Are You On 2020                
World on Our Shoulders Score All Sop Alto Tenor Bass