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Below are the lyrics, scores and sound files for our current songs.

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Winter 2003
Can’t Eat Money
Earth’s Child
Let Us Stand
Living to a GDP Beat
Sing for the ClimateScore
There is no Planet BScoreAllSop AltoTenorBass
You Can Be Sure of Shell/BPAll parts
Autumn 2023
An Eco Song
Barclays BankScoreAllHighLow
Can’t Eat Money
El Derecho de Vivir en Paz

Verse 1 – unison
Verse 2 – harmony
Verse 3 – harmony
Verse 4 – lalas until last three lines – then words as for verse 3 – all in harmony, then last line a further 3 times in unison except for chord on very last Paz.
Score (verse 2&3)TuneHigh HarmonyLow HarmonyYou Tube link
MusicXS De Chile

MusicXS De Chile statement
about the song

Every Brick You Take From The WallSopAltoHigher Tenor
Lower Tenor
I Gave My Eyes

1. Every “I gave my eyes” in the first section should increase in intensity.
2. Basses – make sure you come in together on the second beat of the bar (I’ll conduct in 4).
3. The repeat of this section should be soft.
4. Second part (Vivir sin paz) should be more jagged in an indie rock/punk style (see the video of Blink-182 I circulated last week) – getting louder with each repeat, as if in the faces of the police gunmen
5. Final return to “I gave my eyes” should be more defiant, carrying on the mood of the second part.
Full ScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Kuluna Ghaza/We Are All GazaScore
La Plegaria Full versionScore pg 1
Score pg 2
Score pg 3

Full Score & Parts
SopAltoTenorBassVictor Jara Version
Lifting As We ClimbAllSop 1
Sop 2
Palestine Chants4 part video

Song for Gaza

Song for Gaza 2023
Score pg 1
Score pg 2
Score pg 3
Score pg 4
SopAltoTenorBassSSC recording of Song for Gaza 2016
Woodhall Loch
Streetchoirs 2023
For EllaScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
How Long Have You Been BlindScoreAllSop
High Sop
Spring/Summer 2023
You’ll Never Walk AloneScoreAll with Bass and Keyboard

All – voices only
May Day 2023
Arrogance, Ignorance and GreedScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Panic Score All
Poverty Knock 22 (cost of living rewrite)ScoreAll
Promise Lyrics only

Lyrics with notes

Promise Mother Earth Section
Solidarity ForeverScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
There is Power in a Union SSC version Score page 1
Score page 2
All Sop Alto TenorBass
Union MaidAll Sop Alto Tenor and Bass
You Can Be Sure of Shell/BPAll parts
The Red FlagAllHighLow
Winter / Spring 2023
Arrogance, Ignorance and GreedScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Earth’s Child
For EllaScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Panic Score All
Promise Lyrics only

Lyrics with notes

Promise Mother Earth Section
Say Say YesScoreAll
Say Their NamesScore (Acappella)AllSopAltoTenor & BassBass & Tenor
Solidarity ForeverScore
To Change EverythingScore
Street Songs 2023
Autumn/Winter 2022All moved to Songs Library 2021
All moved to Songs Library 2021
MAY DAY 2022All moved to Songs Library 2021
Winter/Spring 2022All moved to Songs Library 2021
Winter 2021All moved to Songs Library 2021
Autumn 2021All moved to Songs Library 2021
Summer 2021
24-06-21 songsheet
18-06-21 Songsheet
10-06-21 Songsheet
Zoom Sessions Summer 2021
27-05-21 Songsheet
20-05-21 Songsheet
14-04-21 Songsheet
Raised Voices & Sheffield Socialist Choir 29-04-21 songsheet
13-05-21 Songs for Palestine
Fair Palestine
I’m Gon’ StandScore
JCB Medley
Never Give UpBasic Score

Full Score
No birds in the air, no fish in the seaScore
One Foot in Front of the OtherScore
Say Their NamesScore
Singing Together Apart
Winter 2021
Ella’s Song SopAltoTenorBass
Let the Life I’ve LivedAllSopAltoTenorBass
Nach Dieser ErdeAll
Song of the Olive TreeScoreAllSopAltoTenor
Standing on the ShouldersScore 1  
Score 2
Will There Be Singing in the Dark TimesTune
2021-03-11 Songsheet
2021-03-03 Songsheet
2021-02-25 Songsheet
2021-02-11 Songsheet
2021-02-04 Songsheet
2021-01-28 Songsheet
2021-01-21 Songsheet
Songsheet for New Year Songs
ZOOM SESSION 10th December 2020
(Amnesty International Write for Rights/Campaign Choirs session)
Information/Songsheet for all 5 songs
I Tend A PlantScoreAll parts
We Will Not Be SilencedScoreAll parts
I Gave My EyesScoreAll parts
I StayScoreAll parts
Save The Human Rights ActScoreAll parts
Winter 2020
A Million NightingalesScoreSoundfile
Cholita Climbers
Cry HeartAll parts
Every Brick You Take From The WallSopAltoTenor High

Tenor Low
In The Forest (Wimoweh)All parts
Lay It DownScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Song for GazaMelodySopAltoTenorBass
Song of the Lowscore page 1
page 2
page 3
The People Rise
Walking With YouHigh HarmonyMelodyLow Harmony
We Teach Life, SirScoreAll parts
Vote For Me
Autumn 2020
Autumn 2020 Songsheet
A Change is Gonna Come
Peace Will Come
Never Doubt That


– Stuff we sang in lockdown Spring/Summer 2020
Citizen ShantyYouTube link
Don’t Buy Dates 2020
Ella’s SongSopAltoTenorBass Sweet Honey in the Rock YouTube link
Everything’s on the Up with the ToriesYouTube link
Far More United Score All Sop Tenor Bass Video
I Want Rosa To StayScoreYouTube link
Lean On MeKaty Rose Bennett YouTube link
Nana Was A SuffragetteAllSopAlto (& Bass in Octaves)Tenor Bass (& Alto in Octaves) The Lovenotes YouTube link
NHS SOS Score All
Oh How We Love the NHS Score Penny Stone YouTube link
One World, One Chance Score All Sop Alto Tenor Bass
Orgreave Score All
Panic Score All
Rolling HomeYouTube link
Rosa Parks Score All Sop Alto Tenor Bass Extra Ver
Sheffield Socialist ChoirScoreAllTuneFinal part – middleFinal part – bottom
Singabahambayo ThinaAllSopAltoTenorBassYouTube link
Singing Together ApartAllSopAlto/
Baritone/TenorBassCommoners Choir
You Tube Link
Somebody’s Hurting My BrotherYara Allen YouTube link
Something Inside So StrongScore pg 1 pg 2
pg 3
pg 4
pg 5
pg 6
pg 7
You Tube link
Song for the NHS – Sandra Ke
Thank You
The Lady With The HammerPenny Syone You Tube link
There is no Planet BScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
There is Power in a UnionBilly Bragg You Tube link
This is an EmergencyScore pg 1
Score pg 2
Score pg 3
All parts on Blyth Pepino website
Unison in HarmonyParts

Join In
Wake UpAll Parts plus individual parts on Protest in Harmony website
We’re Standing Here Score All Sop Alto Tenor Bass Live Choir performance – Helen Yeoman
We Shall Not Give Up The Fight Score AllSop
We Shall Overcome All Middle Low
When the Sun Rises Score All Sop Alt Teno Bass Structure
When this Pandemic is Over Anni Tracy YouTube
Which Side Are You On – For Palestine
Which Side Are You On 2020
You Need SkinRoy Bailey YouTube link
Pre – April 2020
Act As If It Were Possible        
Cry Heart        
Hope      Commoners Choir live video 
In the Dark TimesScoreAll parts    Live recording 
Keeping Faith      Video – Gitika Partington 
 Ode to Joy        
Oh How We Love the NHSScorePenny Stone YouTube link
One World, One ChanceScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassNotes 
Poverty Knock (new)      

Tom Daniel Original Lyrics 

Chumbawamba version

Traditional plus background

Rebel Voices        
Somewhere on SeaScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass

Sheffield Socialist Choir – Sala Dolores 

Lyrics with Alto highlighted

Song of Peace (Finlandia)Score       
Song for the NHS – Sandra Kerr
Thank You
Voice of the People        
We’re Standing HereScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassLive Choir performance – Helen Yeomans 
We Shall Overcome All MiddleLow   
When this Pandemic is OverAnni Tracy YouTube
Which Side Are You On 2020        
World on Our ShouldersScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass