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Below are the lyrics, scores and sound files for our songs.

The lyrics can be found by clicking on the song title in the first column.

To open a file – click on the link in the table. It should open in Dropbox.

To download – open the file, click on the download button in the top right hand corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select download direct.

You do not need to sign in to Dropbox to be able to open or download these files.

A Ji Ya Mozambique  SopAltoTenorBass INTERNATIONAL
Ain’t Gonna Study War       PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Arrogance, Ignorance and GreedScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass ANTI-CAPITALISM
AsimbonangaScore      INTERNATIONAL
Asylum 2019 Part 1 Asylum Part 1


All Sop Alt Tenor Bass Chart 1
Asylum 2019
Part 2
Asylum Part 2
All Chart 2 REFUGEES
Asylum 2019 Part 3
Asylum Part 3
All Sop Alt 1

Alt 2
Tenor Bass
Asylum part 1 AllSopAltoTenorBassBridgeREFUGEES
Asylum part 2 AllSop1  Sop2 Sop3AltoTenorBassVoice 1 Voice 2REFUGEES
Asylum part 3ScoreAllSop scoreAlto scoreTenor scoreBass score REFUGEES
Ballad of Joe HillScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Bandiera Rossa       INTERNATIONAL
Better Life       WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Breaths       PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Bring ‘Em All In All Sop Alt Tenor Bass Solos  
Lyrics Citizen Shanty Medley
Buy More Stuff AllSopAltoTenorBass ANTI-CAPITALISM
Calling Joe HillScore SopAltoTenorBassChorusWORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Coal Not DoleScore      WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Come Hear the CallScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassFemale tenorENVIRONMENT
Crossing the Border       REFUGEES
Deep River       PEACE/ANTI-WAR

Do Not Stand At My Grave
Score 1  
Score 2
All Sop Alt Tenor Bass
Don’t Buy Dates       PALESTINE
Don’t Get Me Started ScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass ANTI-CAPITALISM
Don’t Sell Our Healthcare       PUBLIC SERVICES
Dulce Embeleso AllSopAltoTenorBass CUBA
Ella’s Song  SopAltoTenorBass ANTI-RACISM
Every Brick You Take from the WallScore
Fat Cat  ScoreAllpt1 
Allpt2 Allpt3
Sop pt1 Pt2Alto pt 1 Pt2Tenor pt1 Pt2 Bass pt1Pt2Whole songANTI-CAPITALISM
Far More UnitedScoreAllSop TenorBassVideoSOLIDARITY
Foolish Notion       PEACE/ANTI-WAR
For The Many Not The FewAll      PUBLIC SERVICES
Forward We Shall March       SOLIDARITY
Guatanamera AllSopAltoTenorBassVerse 2 Verse 3 Verse 4 Low Harmony v2CUBA
Here is my Home       SOLIDARITY
How Do You Sleep?ScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass PUBLIC SERVICES
How Many Days       REFUGEES
I Stand With YouScoreAllSopAltTenorBass PEACE/ANTI-WAR
I Want Rosa to StayScore      REFUGEES
In David’s Big Society All AltoTenorBass ANTI-CAPITALISM
Internationale  SopAltoTenorBass SOLIDARITY
Joe Hill MedleyScore SopAltoTenorBass WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Juramento   Sop  BassAurea PerformanceCUBA
Keep On SingingScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass SOLIDARITY
La Plegaria  SopAltoTenorBass CUBA
Lay It DownScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Lives in the BalanceScoreAll     PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Mark My WordsScoreAllTopMiddleLowLow ANTI-CAPITALISM
Matata – Climate Change All     ENVIRONMENT

May You See Diamonds
  Sop    Alt Tenor   Bass  SOLIDARITY
May Your Cup Always Be FullScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass SOLIDARITY
Nkosi Sikelel ‘IAfrikaScore      INTERNATIONAL
Not in my Name       PEACE/ANTI-WAR
No Deportations All     REFUGEES
O Cant dels Ocells AllSopAltoTenorBass INTERNATIONAL
Oh Dear Sainsburys       PALESTINE
One World, One ChanceScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassNotesENVIRONMENT
Olive Tree     Bass PALESTINE
Orgreave Score All SOLIDARITY
Pain ou ca Mange  AllSopAltoTenorBass INTERNATIONAL
Paycheck  All     WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
People Get Ready AllSopAltoTenorBass SOLIDARITY
Power in a UnionScore SopAltoTenorBass WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Power of Song AllSopAltoTenor – fem Tenor – malBassTop alto chorusSOLIDARITY
Red Flag       WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Refugees are Welcome HereScore      REFUGEES
Refugees MedleyScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass REFUGEES
Rolling Home       WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Rosa ParksScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassExtra VersesANTI-RACISM
Save the Human Rights ActScoreAll Tune   RoundHUMAN RIGHTS
Save the TreesScore     VideoENVIRONMENT
Say Their NamesScore (Acappella)AllSopAltoTenor & BassBass & Tenor
Senzenina       ANTI-RACISM
Sheffield Needs A Pay RiseScoreAll     WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Sheffield Socialist Choir
Score All Tune  Middle  Bottom
Sing for the ClimateScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
Singabahambayo Thina AllSopAltoTenorBass INTERNATIONAL
Sleep AllSopAltoTenorBass PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Sleepwalkers AllScoreAll     ENVIRONMENT
Sold Down the RiverScoreScore2 Part 1Part 2Part 3  REFUGEES
Somewhere on Sea AllSopAltoTenorBass ENVIRONMENT
Song for Gaza AllSopAltoTenorBassMelodyPALESTINE
Song of PeaceScore      PEACE/ANTI-WAR
Song of the Olive TreeScore pg 1
Score pg 2
Score pg 3
Score pg 4
Score pg 5
Score pg 6
n.b. this is a keyboard recording
Spirit of the WorkhouseScoreAllSopAltTenBass  PUBLIC SERVICES
Sports DirectScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Standing on the Shoulders Score 1  
Score 2
All Sop Tune Tenor
The Child and the Wall AllSop TenorBass PALESTINE
The Red FlagAllHighLow
There is no Planet BScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass
This is an EmergencyScore pg 1
Score pg 2
Score pg 3
AllTopMiddleLowExtinction Rebellion Choir April2019
True Blue RebelScore      WORKERS’ RIGHTS 
UbuntuScoreAllHighMiddleLow  SOLIDARITY
Umfaz OlesizothaScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassMedley 2014WOMEN’S RIGHTS
Walk A MileScoreAllSopAltTenBass REFUGEES
We Are Building Bridges       SOLIDARITY
We Are Sheffield Socialist ChoirScoreAll    TuneFinal MidFinal LowSOLIDARITY
We Shall OvercomeScore  All    Middle   Low   PEACE/ANTI-WAR
We Shall Not Give Up the FightScore      SOLIDARITY
We Teach Life, SirScore      PALESTINE
What is Peace to You?       REFUGEES
What A Wonderful WorldScore All Sop Alt Ten Bass  PUBLIC SERVICES
When Death Was Behind MeScore      REFUGEES
When the Sun Rises Score All Sop Alt Tenor Bass Structure
Which Side Are You On? ScoreAllSopAltoTenorBassVersePUBLIC SERVICES
Which Side Are You On? – for Palestine       PALESTINE
Which Side Are You On – Sainsburys       PALESTINE
You Won’t Be Fracking LongScoreAllSopAltoTenorBass ENVIRONMENT
Zero Hours      VideoWORKERS’ RIGHTS 
Zourouni All     PALESTINE