Our Choir Leader

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Janet Wood has been our Choir Leader since September 2011.

Janet believes passionately in the transforming power of singing for individuals and communities and as a tool for social comment and political activism.

Formerly a singer/songwriter on the folk circuit, Janet loves to create new songs or adapt existing ones for the choir, on contemporary issues.  For example, she wrote songs about the scandalous tree-felling programme in Sheffield and to support the TUC’s campaign for a decent working wage, Sheffield Needs A Pay Rise. She has also set to music the now famous words of MP Jo Cox, “We are far more united and have much more in common with each other than things that divide us.” She writes powerful songs in support of asylum seekers and refugees and to mark significant political movements and events.  This song celebrates women’s suffrage and important women activists from Sheffield and beyond .

Janet brings songs that we can learn quickly and get straight out on social media or on the streets in demonstrations, as well as some which take a bit longer to learn, for us to perform at events and festivals. Teaching mostly by ear, but with supporting online resources including scores for music readers and recordings of parts, she works hard to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

Her experience and enthusiasm as well as skills promoted by the Natural Voice Network mean that everyone can enjoy a good sing on a Thursday night.